Greetings! My name is Christian B. Miller and I am the A. C. Reid Professor of Philosophy at Wake Forest University. My research is primarily in contemporary ethics and philosophy of religion.

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For examples of some of my work, please see recent articles in the Wall Street Journal, Dallas Morning News, Slate, Prospect Magazine, Relevant Magazine, Michael Hyatt Magazine, The Conversation, Newsweek, Aeon, Greater Good Magazine, Nautilus Magazine, Fathom Magazine, Institute of Art and Ideas, Character.org, ABC Religion & Ethics, and Christianity Today

Recent interviews include What’s It Like to be a Philosopher, Five Books, The Reading Lists, 3:AM Magazine, Merion West, Engaged Philosophy, Carolina Journal Radio, Wake Forest Magazine, and Fathom Magazine, and podcasts include The Psychology Podcast, NPR North Carolina, NPR Texas, NPR Public Morality, The Classical Ideas Podcast, The Academic Minute, Pittsburgh’s The Ride Home, New Books in Psychology, New Books in Philosophy, Shrink Rap Radio, Slate’s The Gist, HER Radio MD, The Veritas Forum, Political Theory Review, ABC’s The Minefield, KOA Colorado, Psych Central, The Panpsycast, Philosophy Bakes Bread, Character Speaks, Virtue in the Wasteland, The Art of Manliness, Political Philosophy Podcast, BYU Radio, Philosophy Bites, The Bends Toward Justice Podcast, Contemplify, The Moral Science Podcast, The Good Life Podcast, The London Lyceum, Thales’ Well, The Investor’s Podcast Network: The Good Life Podcast, Read Learn Live Podcast, Give & Take Podcast, Free Thoughts Podcast, and Chivalry Today.

My first trade book for a general audience is The Character Gap: How Good Are We? Here are reviews in the Wall Street Journal, Christianity Today, Frost Magazine, The Gospel Coalition, The Christian Post, Influence Magazine, Ethics and Culture Blog, Everyday Exiles Blog, Library Journal, Filozoful! (in Polish), Journal of Spiritual Formation and Soul Care, Books at a Glance, Crosslight, Coburg Review of Books, Vision, The Philosopher, Englewood Review of Books, Mind and Spirit, Paradigm Explorer, Church Times, Suranaree Journal of Social Science, Metapsychology, Public Discourse, Forma Journal, Journal of Character Education, Faith and Philosophy, Journal of Markets and Morality, Studies in Christian Ethics, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, Crucible, Philosophy Now, and Psychology Today.

Much of my current research is at the intersection of philosophy and psychology. Thanks to a $3.9 million grant from the Templeton Religion Trust, I was recently the philosophy director of The Beacon Project, which examined morally exceptional people from the perspectives of philosophy, theology, and psychology. I also directed a five year, $5.6 million project on the existence and nature of character called The Character Project, with funding from the John Templeton Foundation and the Templeton World Charity Foundation. Please see our additional websites on Academic Resources for the Study of Character and Popular Resources on Character.

My next academic book, Honesty: The Philosophy and Psychology of a Neglected Virtue, is forthcoming with Oxford in the spring of 2020. I have published two other academic books with Oxford – Moral Character: An Empirical Theory (2013), and Character and Moral Psychology (2014). The edited volume from the Character Project can be found here: Character: New Directions from Philosophy, Psychology, and Theology. I have edited four other volumes, Essays in Philosophy of Religion, The Bloomsbury Companion to Ethics, Moral Psychology, Volume V: Virtue and Character (with Walter Sinnott-Armstrong), and Integrity, Honesty, and Truth Seeking (with Ryan West).

I am very honored to have been awarded the A. C. Reid Chair in Philosophy, the 2014 Kulynych Family Omicron Delta Kappa Award for Student Engagement, the 2009 Wake Forest University Reid-Doyle Prize for Excellence in Teaching, and the 2009 Wake Forest University Award for Excellence in Research. More details are available here.