Amanda Corris


Amanda Corris’s philosophical interests center on the relationship between mind, life, and the environment, and specifically how living beings, as embodied agents, both shape and are shaped by their environments. Prior to joining the Department of Philosophy at Wake Forest in Fall 2022, she had a two-year postdoctoral fellowship at the Minnesota Center for Philosophy of Science, University of Minnesota. She received her Ph.D. in Philosophy and the Life Sciences from the University of Cincinnati in 2020.



Peer-reviewed articles

Corris, Amanda. 2022. “An Enactive-Developmental Systems Framing of Cognizing Systems.” Biology & Philosophy 37 (4): 1-21.
Dunlap, Lucas, Amanda Corris, Melissa Jacquart, Angela Potochnik, and Zvi Biener. 2021. “Divergence of Values and Goals in Participatory Research.” Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A 88: 284-291.
Corris, Amanda. 2020. “Defining the Environment in Organism-Environment Systems.” Frontiers in Psychology 11 (1285).

Peer-reviewed short essays

Corris, Amanda. 2022. “Learning in the Open Air.” Public Philosophy Journal.

Book chapters

Corris, Amanda, and Anthony Chemero. 2022. “Embodiment and Enactivism.” In Mind, Cognition, and Neuroscience: A Philosophical Introduction, eds. Benjamin D. Young & Carolyn Dicey Jennings, Routledge Press.


Corris, Amanda, and Anthony Chemero. 2020. “The broad scope of enactivism.” Adaptive Behavior, 28 (1): 27–28. (Comment on Mario Villalobos and Pablo Razeto-Barry’s “Are living beings extended autopoietic systems? An embodied reply”)

Book symposia

Corris, Amanda, and Anthony Chemero. 2019. “A second-order intervention.” Philosophical Studies, 176 (3): 819-826. (Book symposium on Shaun Gallagher’s Enactivist Interventions)


Spring 2023

  • PHI163/ENV230: Environmental Ethics
  • PHI373: Philosophy of Science

Fall 2022

  • PHI163: Environmental Ethics
  • PHI374: Philosophy of Mind