About Philosophy

Philosophy examines such topics as the nature of knowledge, justice, right and wrong, good and evil, persons, freedom, determinism, moral responsibility, beauty, art, and the nature and grounds of religious experience and belief.

Engagement with the central questions of philosophy is valuable in itself; it is also valuable as a means of developing analytical, critical, and imaginative skills useful in the study of most other subjects, in the pursuit of careers as varied as law, business, medicine, science, education, and the arts, and in effective participation in civic life.

Philosophy Talks

Please click on the “Talks” link above to see a list of upcoming philosophy talks. Everyone is welcome to attend. Refreshments are available before the talks, so come early, get acquainted, and have a bite to eat! Talks average about fifty minutes in length and are followed by a short break and then 30 minutes of Q&A.

Please email simmonde@wfu.edu or phone 336-758-5359 if you will require special assistance.




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